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A skin peeling is a technique developed to reduce unwanted pigment changes, wrinkles, scars, acne, or skin irregularities. A peel penetrates the skin using an acid and is able to normalize certain skin functions. Depending on the skin complaints, use is made of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or a combination thereof. 


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With the Carbon Laser peel (also known as the Hollywood peel), laser technology is combined with carbon (black carbon powder), causing imperfections to dissipate and deeply cleansing your skin. Additionally, it enhances the production of collagen, hyaluron, and elastin, and reduces the production of sebum. 

Your skin becomes tighter, and acne and pigmentation are reduced. Wrinkles and fine wrinkles also improve noticeably. A Carbon Laser Peeling can be performed as a single treatment, but works better in a course of 4 : one every 2 weeks, and then a monthly to quarterly follow-up treatment. Suitable for all skin types, male/female, young/old. Very pleasant treatment and completely painless.

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es clinic 2022 00001 | Es-Clinic, Medische huidkliniek in mechelenAnti-aging, skin tightening, acne, pigment spots, stretch marks, scars, dull complexion, couperose and rosacea, enlarged pores, wound healing: all skin problems that can be effectively treated with the Lumi 8 LED. How does it work exactly? The technique of Lumi8 is called 'photo regulation': LED light penetrates skin cells and is converted into cellular energy.

This renewed cellular energy leads to the formation of new collagen, improved blood circulation, stimulation of fibroblasts, increased metabolism, a detox effect, and the suppression of MMP1 (an enzyme that breaks down collagen).

IPL and laser treatments produce heat. This heat can cause inflammation in skin cells and make the treatment painful. In contrast, Lumi8's LED light technology delivers only safe and pure light to the skin with no heat effect. This enables treatments in a pleasant and safe manner, without recovery period and side effects, that support and perform skin firming, skin rejuvenation and wound healing.



In detail:

590 nm: for yellow light treatments for skin rejuvenation and firming. 630 nm: for red light treatments for wound healing, skin repair, pigmentation, rosacea & rosacea, acne and psoriasis.

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830 nm: for treatment with NIR (near-infrared light, this is only used in programme 1).

a combination of 590 & 630 nm: the ultimate red and yellow light treatments for skin rejuvenation, skin firming and lifting.

The LUMI 8 device is also equipped with the patented Power Wave Cycle through which the skin is constantly stimulated by the light energy through a unique cycle. In other systems without this pulse cycle, nothing happens after 15 minutes , but Lumi8 transcends this natural phenomenon through the patented Power Wave

 Cycle, allowing one to get results much more quickly.

The LUMI 8 may be used for all skin types and skin problems.

  • Intense LED light reduces skin ageing and has strong regenerating and scar healing effects


  • The LUMI 8 LED treatment system features 8 preset treatment programmes for aging, lifting, acne, scarring, rosacea, lifting, depigmentation and one hand-free programme


  • Thanks to the action of the LED light, fibroblasts and collagen formation are stimulated, cell metabolism and blood circulation are accelerated and improved



The m.pen by Mesoestetic® Pharma Group is the definitive breakthrough of high-performance microneedling technology in your practice.


As we age, the skin becomes less elastic. This is because the skin produces less collagen and elastin over the years. The skin becomes saggier, gets more wrinkles and loses volume. To get your skin looking younger and fresher again, consider microneedling.

But what exactly is microneedling? Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a non-surgical treatment in which the skin is targeted with tiny surgical steel needles in a gentle and controlled manner.

This treatment causes a kind of wound-healing reaction where the skin is prompted to produce collagen and elastin to improve its appearance. Microneedling uses very fine needles. This is often done using a device                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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Microneedling is suitable for adults who are in good health (free of infections, fevers or rashes) and would like to refresh their skin.

The treatment can help smooth lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, even out skin tone, refine enlarged pores, tighten skin and fade scars from acne or injuries.

There are relatively few risks associated with the treatment, but it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have active skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea, the treatment is also not recommended. 

In addition, microneedling can sometimes cause a cold sore. If you are prone to this, consult your doctor beforehand to see if you can take an antiviral medicine.



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The red circles on the skin were caused by cupping. Cupping is an ancient technique in which a cup made of glass, bamboo or pottery is placed on your skin. By briefly holding a flame in the cup before applying it to the skin, a vacuum force is created locally on the skin. The skin pulls into the cup.

In places where blood circulation is not good, discolouration occurs. The deeper the discolouration, the worse the complaint. The discolourations usually disappear after 3 to 4 days.

Cupping sessions should be repeated until there is no discolouration after one treatment. Because cupping improves your blood circulation, you will benefit in many areas. Below are 10 reasons why cupping is good for your health.


cups are usually placed on the fleshy parts of the body such as back, abdomen, upper arms, thighs and buttocks. cups are also cupped on the less fleshy parts such as the neck, inner knee and elbow.

If the stagnation is very deep in the body, as in the case of chronic complaints, then you will need many more treatments. you cupping then continues until there are no more discolourations after one session. after each treatment, you notice that the discolourations become less deep in colour and at some point no longer appear. it is then still advisable to repeat the treatment regularly.

the treatment frequency depends on each person. usually, the next treatment is a week later. if all goes well, the coloured areas will have completely disappeared by then. in a healthy body, this is after 3 to 4 days.

Cupping is only at the clinic