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Are you looking for a medical skin clinic in Mechelen or in the Antwerp region for your skin issues? Then ES-Clinic in Mechelen is the skin clinic you're looking for. At ES-Clinic, we aim to achieve the best possible results for each of our patients. We place great emphasis on natural results, personalized service, and discretion. At our medical skin clinic, you get your money's worth!


The most popular treatments at our medical skin clinic.

The goal of our medical skin clinic is not to change, but to improve the skin by staying true to oneself with a natural, youthful, and fresh appearance. Many skin conditions start in the deeper layers of the skin. These only become visible over time. Our accredited skin scanner analyzes these deeper skin layers and clearly displays your skin conditions. We take scans and analyze the skin. In this way, an effective treatment plan is drawn up specifically for your skin. This is how we achieve the skin rejuvenation and improvement you had in mind. You can also visit our medical skin clinic for laser hair removal, body contouring, and much more.

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A skin clinic is not complete without skin specialists.

Our medical skin clinic in Mechelen, in the province of Antwerp, was founded by Emmanuel Van Den Broeck and Sophie Janssens. Emmanuel Van Den Broeck graduated as a nurse in 2010, after which he immediately started at the cardiology department of the Middelheim hospital in Wilrijk.

From 2011, he worked in intensive care and emergency services at Middelheim. In 2012, he made a significant career switch towards home nursing.

After that, he decided to start his own home nursing service, 'Zorgteam De Maan'. Currently, Emmanuel is still active in the emergency department at the Europa Hospital in Brussels. Since 2015, he developed a significant interest in medical tattoos. He retrained as a dermatographer.

With this, he mainly wants to focus on patients/clients with a physical limitation. His results are astonishing. Permanent makeup is also one of his specialties.

Since 2018, he has been attending training sessions and further education on anti-aging. He excels in skin analysis and, uniquely, develops a personalized path that best suits you, aiming for a fantastic result. He further specialized himself in plasmalifting, cryotherapy, and permanent laser hair removal.

Emmanuel is looking forward to welcoming you at the medical skin clinic in Mechelen to work with you to find the right treatment.

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Sophie Janssens graduated in 2001 as an A1 nurse specializing in emergency and intensive care at the Provincial College of Antwerp. She completed her studies with high honors. In 2001, she began at the Sint-Vincentius Antwerp emergency department, where for seven years she specialized in Mobile Emergencies and emergency care under the guidance of Dr. Druwe. In 2008, she continued her work at the UZA (Edegem) emergency department, actively participating in the V-med team, founded back then by Prof. Beaucourt. This opportunity allowed her to evolve and learn in crisis situations and also actively engage in humanitarian aid, which she still holds close to her heart. In 2015, she made a radical career switch to home nursing. Initially, she worked under the leadership of Johan Vrijdaghs, and later she became the coordinator of this nursing group in Mechelen. In recent years, she developed a keen interest in beauty, both inside and outside. 'Taking care of yourself' became her new motto. She attended courses to further her expertise in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. Additionally, she pursued various trainings to guide clients in weight loss combined with Cryotherapy. Whether you visit us for permanent hair removal, skin analysis, acne, pigmentation, rosacea, or anything else, Sophie believes that everyone is unique and requires a different approach. She will warmly welcome you to our medical skin clinic in Mechelen for an initial consultation. Be sure to also discover the rest of the ES TEAM at our skin clinic.

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Has your interest already been fully sparked to treat your skin complaints or wishes at our medical skin clinic in Mechelen? Quickly view our complete range and make sure to book an initial appointment. Together, we will determine the treatment most suitable for your skin. Our skin clinic is located near the Mechelen-Nekkerspoel station. Therefore, you can easily reach us from the entire province of Antwerp or even other parts of Flanders. So, there's no reason not to visit our medical skin clinic in Mechelen!