Ice Sculptor

The Ice Sculptor with Bodyshock by Mesoestetic® Pharma Group is a unique and exclusive method for a non-invasive treatment of localized fatty tissue.


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Ice Sculptor for whom?

Anyone who wants to locally reshape his or her silhouette, to find a solution to remove unsightly and unwanted excess fat. Excess adiposity can lead to serious health problems. There are different methods to reduce body fat generally stored in 6 strategic parts: legs, abdomen and sides, buttocks, arms, double chin, knees and breasts. Cryolipolysis is undoubtedly the least invasive and most efficient technique to eliminate ungraceful bulges on areas such as hips, abdomen and back. The Ice Sculptor delivers amazing results. A wonderful and safe alternative to surgery such as liposuction!
How does it work? Through controlled cooling, fat cells are cooled until they crystallize. The body then naturally dissolves the fat. To stimulate this drain process, we advise the patient to drink a lot of water and, if possible, go to a sauna or cocoon wellness to detoxify and remove waste from the body through perspiration. For even better and faster results, ES Clinic® offers a unique global concept by combining the treatments with homecare products from the Bodyshock line as well as with nutritional supplements by Mesoestetic® (night reducer, slim up reducer, reducer pills). - Bodyshock products result from extensive scientific research and owe their effect to ultra-concentrated active ingredients. - Grascontrol pills help to speed up the drain process and remove waste and fat cells more efficiently. By combining these treatments, you get faster and more efficient results within already 3 weeks, when other cryo equipments offer visible results only after 2 months.
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